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Why Cyber Security is a business risk problem

Technology, in the context of the wider business, is an enabler that provides business advantage.  Increasingly our technology, be that the data or the infrastructure we rely upon daily in order to operate, is under threat from Cyber Security risks.  As these risks continue to expand and evolve at an increasing pace, with breaches being reported frequently as mainstream news, so defending against potential attacks becomes increasingly important to the organisations ability to operate and to thrive.  

This is not a new problem.  Threats such as those posed by Ransomware and Phishing have been around for well over a decade.  Ransomware continues to grow.  It continues to be a successful way for attackers to transfer money from business bank accounts to their own.  While these threats continue to grow and attackers become even more creative, the effectiveness of our ability to defend against them using traditional technology methods continues to decline.

Historically the challenge of Cyber Security has been treated as a technology problem and left to technology teams to defend against.  Changing this perspective and viewing Cyber Security as a business risk enables you to build a clearer understanding of the problem.  It helps you build an effective strategy to address this risk, targeting your budgets more effectively to counter the threats.

Common cyber security questions

Businesses are typically asking a number of cyber security questions including:

  • What are the key threats my business faces
  • What impact will a breach have on my business
  • Why do I need security tool x or security tool y
  • Am I paying too much (or too little) on my cyber security
  • What do I really need to do to protect my business

How to answer these questions

A Foulkon Cyber Risk Assessment will answer these questions.  It is bespoke to your business and is designed to give you a view on the cyber risks that you face, with practical and cost-effective steps that can be implemented to address gaps. 

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