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STRATEGY & Governance

We provide senior resources to help you align your cyber security or data privacy risks to your strategy and governance arrangements.  


Your strategy may expose you to unforseen cyber security and data privacy risks.  We help you make sure that your strategy considers the relevant cyber security and data privacy risks that it may expose you to.


To be effective, your governance arrangements should be able to deal with cyber security and data privacy risks.  We help you embed cyber security and data privacy into your governance arrangements that is both practical and appropriate to your decision making needs.   


Compliance activities should confirm that your controls are operating in accordance with management intentions.

Whether you need to design a compliance strategy, review your current one, or deal with the outcome of an assurance review, we can help.  We have experience of all the major cyber and financial assurance standards, including: 

  • ISO 27001
  • NIST
  • ISA 3402
  • ISA 3000


training & awareness

People play an important part in mitigating your cyber security and data privacy risks.  We provide tailored training and awareness sessions designed to provide you with the maximum impact in the shortest time. 

  • Board level training programmes
  • Company wide training programmes
  • Awareness raising events and activities
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